3 Reasons Why You Should Buy Dedicated Server from Onlive Server

Buy Dedicated Server

Looking to buy a dedicated server? You can stop your search right here because Onlive Server offers the best-dedicated servers on the market today! Not only do we offer an affordable and comprehensive package, but we provide you with the highest quality and reliability possible. Want to know more? Keep reading as we dive into our three reasons why you should Buy Dedicated Server from Onlive Server right now!

Reasons Why You Should Get Your Own Dedicated Server

* Control * Performance * Flexibility Benefits of a dedicated server: When you buy your own dedicated server, you’re guaranteed absolute control over it. This includes full ownership, root access, and administrator rights to do whatever you want with it. The goal is to have complete autonomy and flexibility to run your business (or website) as efficiently as possible. There are several different types of dedicated servers to choose from, but almost all providers can be broken down into three general categories: Windows-based, Linux-based, or bare metal (which is also called unmanaged). If you already know which operating system best fits your needs and your project’s requirements, then go ahead and choose accordingly.

1. You’ll get a quality server with no shortage of resources or performance. 2. We’ll work with you to set up your dedicated server, develop any tooling and make sure everything is working properly. 3. Our 24/7 support team is available through all parts of your project, beginning when you purchase your dedicated server and lasting as long as you need us to help troubleshoot issues down the road (and if we can’t fix it for you, we can probably point you in the right direction).

Key Advantages of Using a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server can give your business a significant advantage over those that use a shared host. it is expensive to operate on a dedicated server, but you’ll also be able to fully control your entire web presence and automate tasks. For example, as we’ve already discussed, you can easily configure and deploy various scripts that help automate processes like backup and recovery or updating software. No matter what type of business you’re in, having access to reliable infrastructure can give you an edge over competitors that are still running on shared hosts. If you do run into issues with hardware or network connectivity for whatever reason, it’s very easy to contact support if something does go wrong.

Why Choose Onlive Server

If you’re looking for a dedicated server provider, there are plenty of options out there. But no matter what features they tout, most providers are really just resellers, using someone else’s infrastructure and keeping a portion of the profits. Here at Onlive Server, we take full responsibility for everything our servers do. We don’t outsource any hardware or software; we run our own private data centers, and we invest in state-of-the-art technology to give your business every possible advantage over your competitors. Dedicated servers can be expensive but with all of these extra features being run by one provider, it is worth it. If you have any questions on why you should buy a dedicated server from us then feel free to contact us anytime! here we will discuss three major reasons why Onlive Server Is Best for Dedicated Server-

1 – Installation

If you’re looking to get your website or application hosted and are searching for a new hosting provider. Installing dedicated server software might not be on your mind. However, if you buy dedicated server hosting from a reputable company like Onlive Server. There are several reasons why the installation is very important in buying a new dedicated server package. Here are three:

1) Security: You want to ensure that your site is secure at all times. Installing web-based applications helps increase security when compared to simply using shared hosting.

2) Unrivaled Speed: There’s nothing worse than trying to load a webpage or open. An app and having it take forever to finish loading! When buying dedicated servers, you can customize your hardware specifications so that your site loads quickly every time.

3) Customization: When purchasing dedicated servers from a reputable hosting service like Onlive Server. You will have access to custom services including control panels and plugins for WordPress. With many shared hosts, these features aren’t available but with on live sever. They are included as part of our basic plan.

2 – Performance

Nothing is more important than performance. If your website doesn’t load fast, you’ll lose customers. Performance is a function of many things—location, bandwidth, and infrastructure. Just to name a few—but it ultimately comes down to power. A dedicated server provides all of the resources you need to optimize performance and deliver an excellent user experience every time.

3 – Support

One reason you should buy a dedicated server from us is our commitment to providing quality support. We provide outstanding technical and customer service, so you can rest assured that your business runs as it should. With our full-time staff monitoring inbound and outbound traffic 24/7, you can be sure. That your site is always up and running optimally. Our servers are housed in a secured data center with round-the-clock security so. That you don’t have to worry about your data safety even during a natural disaster or any emergency. We also offer an exclusive 100% uptime guarantee on all of our plans. So we will replace your service if there are any problems at all or if we fail to live up to what we promise

Conclusion: When you run your business on a shared server, you don’t have full control over your own system. By buying a dedicated server, your website is built for speed and security, making. It easier to maximize potential and allowing more time for innovation. Owning a dedicated server gives you more room to grow as a business. There are no limitations on what your hosting package can do or how fast it can do it. With a dedicated server from Onlive Server.You’ll never have to worry about running out of space or load times again. And with any purchase of a Linux VPS or Windows VPS Hosting. We give you access to live technical support 24/7.