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Dubai VPS Server


There are some benefits of virtualization over physical machines, such as security, flexibility, agility, control of the Operating systems, and less energy consumption in terms of power and cooling systems. However, there are also some drawbacks like poor application performance due to sharing of resources with other customers. Onlive Server offers VPS plans for Dubai at affordable prices with unlimited bandwidth and high performance. Their technical support team is available 24/7 to provide guidance on any issues or queries you may have regarding your Dubai VPS Server or anything else related to it. We offer customized solutions according to your needs and budget so contact us today.

Why Dubai VPS Server is the best web hosting?

Dubai VPS server offers performance, redundancy, scalability, security, and custom options at a lower price. The best thing about it is its outstanding 99.99% uptime. It has a team of experts available 24×7 to handle any issues as soon as they crop up. Their tech support is quick in responding to queries via email or live chat. They always take security precautions for clients against DDoS attacks that never let your website down, even for a single minute! Dubai VPS server also gives you an option to host multiple websites on one machine so that you can get more out of your investment. You can manage all these features with their easy-to-use control panel, which comes with pre-installed apps like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Advantages of Dubai VPS Server

Compared to a Dedicated Server, VPS Hosting offers you total flexibility in hosting plans. You can scale down or upgrade anytime you want. With unlimited bandwidth, users can manage their data usage at all times. Another advantage of the Dubai VPS Server is unlimited disk space for storing data. It also has built-in firewalls that prevent hackers. VPS hosting plan provides full control over your server resources, unlike shared hosting, which limits your account according to other hosted websites on shared resources too.

Technical Support

Onlive Server’s friendly support staff will be there to assist you in no time. Whether you need help with a specific task on your website or just simply want information about our services, we can provide answers. If you ever experience an issue, they are available 24/7 to help resolve your problem quickly. They offer solutions at all times of day or night to help with issues that occur outside of working hours.

UAE VPS Server

Every business has different needs in terms of security features, but OnLive gives you complete control over your data and gives administrators a number of different ways to add an extra layer of protection to critical information. At Onlive, we provide full server security to ensure that your sites are always safe. Our security features include protection against DDOS attacks, traffic floods, hacks, spamming, and any other attempt to destroy or damage your website.

Get Full Root Access

Onlive Server ensures you will always have Root Access, so your files can be changed, added, or removed as you please. They also ensure their services can handle any of your hosting needs at all times. Even though other companies claim to offer 24/7 support, Onlive Server actually offers it. There’s no need to hold back when it comes to modifying your site with Onlive’s VPS server. One of our plans comes with full root access, so you can use it for whatever purposes you want—including hosting your own applications or websites. Our support team will happily install any software of your choosing on our systems when needed.


Onlive Server offers some of the highest-performing cloud hosting solutions in the UAE. All their VPS servers have ultra-fast processors, fast memory, plenty of storage space, and free data backups. And exceptional support staff who will be there to handle any problems you encounter. The plans are fully scalable with 24/7 professional support all year round. You can upgrade or downgrade your package to get the maximum performance out of your server resources.

Multiple Location Servers

Located in Dubai, our services are available to serve all your hosting needs. Our VPS server plans give you full control over which regions you want to use for your websites. We have multiple locations for our server ranging from Europe to Asia. Whether you need a VPS server for its speed or reliability, Onlive Server has a perfect plan that’s right for you.


Onlive Server offers unlimited bandwidth and high performance. It provides full security to their servers. OnLive is affordable, so if you are looking for a good VPS at an affordable price, then you can consider OnLive as an option to choose. All these features make them different from other companies offering Cheap Dubai VPS Server. You will not be disappointed after purchasing their services. So, just visit their website and purchase your desired plan today.