Japan VPS Server

Onlive Server’s Japan VPS Server – Exquisite for Your Website

Onlive Server offers an elegant Japan VPS Server as part of its VPS service, allowing you to host your websites with the excellent performance and reliability that you need in order to make sure that they can stay online and running at all times, no matter how much traffic they receive or how many new customers come to visit them. The security features in place on this server are also second to none, helping ensure that your website stays safe from DDoS attacks and other potential threats as well as preventing any kind of data loss or other problems with data integrity.

Introduction to VPS

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are servers divided into smaller virtual servers that act as separate servers themselves. They share the resources of a physical server, but they operate independently to maximize efficiency. Because your website’s content is stored on its own virtual machine, it won’t have any negative effect on other websites hosted by Onlive Server. In addition, you can add or remove resources at any time depending on whether there are more guests or less traffic. This is possible because each virtual server only requires an operating system and a storage device; once you start adding applications and services, however, a single VPS will probably not be enough to handle your site efficiently.

Reasons why you need our Japan VPS server?

As we all know, in today’s competitive world every website owner wants to take a lead and capture maximum market share. Many times, you must do some heavy lifting in terms of web infrastructure and maintenance. Our Japan VPS server will give you ultimate stability to ensure your website runs smoothly and boost your online business growth. We are sure that you are aware of the benefits such as a 24/7 monitoring system, DDOS protection systems, and around-the-clock server monitoring services by our friendly support team. The Japanese servers will allow you to enjoy the high-speed performance on your site that is capable of running multiple applications at once without any interruption or downtime on the network or other issues.

How to get started with Onlive Server?

First, choose your desired server location. At Onlive Server, you can choose between Japan, USA, and UK locations. Each location is fast and reliable with competitive prices; every single one of our servers comes equipped with a Quad-Core CPU plus 32GB RAM! On our servers you will have complete control over your virtual private server; they’re fully customizable to suit any need that you may have. If you are currently searching for a decent cloud hosting provider that offers amazing features at an affordable price (also includes free setup), then Onlive Server is where it’s at! Contact us today and we’ll show you how easy it is to get started with your own cloud web hosting service.

What’s the difference between Onlive Server and another provider?

How to choose a VPS server? I don’t know what is better. Some friends recommended me to Onlive Server, but I was not sure whether it was right or not. Here, let me talk about it with you guys. Currently, many foreign customers come to Vietnam to open an office and set up their own businesses. Vietnam has advantages in natural resources and convenient transportation as well as low cost of the labor force; therefore, it is a good place to open an office in order to save money and time. However, if you want your website to run faster on Vietnam local host; why not try Onlive Server instead? Onlive Server provides services like VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, and shared hosting. All servers are located in the United States (US), Netherlands (NL), and Japan (JP). There are three types of servers: Windows, Linux, and FreeBSD. You can select any one type according to your needs.


The best way to ensure your website will be accessible is with a Japan VPS Server. If you are unsure of what hosting solution you need, then speak with one of our experts today. We have years of experience dealing with business and individual needs, so we can assist you in making an informed decision that benefits your company. If a performance upgrade is needed, Onlive Server’s powerful cloud hosting solution can provide it; each order includes a free SSL certificate as well as generous amounts of storage and bandwidth on hand at all times. We offer web servers located in data centers around Asia; Singapore provides premium protection from hackers and any intrusion attempts which may otherwise damage your business.